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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly on Writing for the Professional

I am a horrible writer.  I am such a horrible writer that I took about 2 years off from this blog because I did not think I was good enough.  A wise person brought to my attention that writing is not just for the talented and the well
written.  Writing is for everyone…in fact, writing is vital in your professional survival.

What made me pick up where I left off many moons ago?  And what is so important about the art of writing?  Writing is an art form.  Today, it is a rare and unique art form for most cultures.  The current generation is windswept in abbreviations and whatever will make things get done quicker, faster and more efficiently. I know this, because I am a part of this generation. Many job postings will list that the candidates must not only be well spoken but well written as well.  I sometimes wonder what hiring managers and human resource folks think of the current generation’s style of writing.  Being in the recruiting and hiring field, myself, I am very picky on at how applicants fill out their application and how their cover letter is written.  I am also critical of the emails I receive from others.  When an applicant or a coworker send me an email with absolutely no punctuation I get completely thrown off and start to judge.  It dawned on me that if I am that picky when it comes to the writings of the young adults I hire and my coworkers then I better be picky about how I write.  I am back at the blogging to practice my writing.  I now understand how important it is to keep at it even if I am frustrated with myself and downright aggravated at my lack of skill.Writing Tools

Keep this in mind, I am a poor writer and I am judging others’ skill levels.  This means that all employers, hiring managers, teammates are critiquing how you come across in your writing.  It is so important to continue practicing your writing skills so you can offer the impression of a competent professional.  Trust me on this one.

I believe it is important in the changing times to encourage people to practice writing stories, documenting, recording and taking the time to right a full thought in complete sentences.  Writing is not just important for your professional life but it is good for the body and soul.  I have heard from many that maintaining a daily journal is therapeutic.  I have heard that writing keeps the brain active and engaged.  I have heard that writing is fuel to the brain and heart.  It may be apparent, but I am going to “suck it up, buttercup,” and get writing no matter how bad I am at it!


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