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Is the Social Media Hype All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Months past and I do not post a single thing on the Water Cooler Effect blog.  The more time passes the more overwhelmed and anxious I feel.  There are moments when I associate the feeling of drowning to my viewpoint of social media.  My ideas and emotions towards social media at this point begin to build into a negative skyscraper.

The solution I always like to use when I feel lost in a subject, at this moment it’s social media, is to research it.  Gaining knowledge on something that is frustrating helps me acquire the tools I need to tackle those frustrations.  Long story short….apparently social media does create some sweet benefits personally and in the business sector.  This is something any person could easily google like myself.  I am not about to start listing the hundreds of websites out there that weigh the pros and cons of social media; however I will share one website I enjoyed.  99 Favorite Social Media Quotes and Tips by Mirna Bard is a simple webpage that lists some great quotes regarding social media.  This page was such a great reminder for me of why being involved in social media is so important these days.

Whether it is for yourself or for the company you work for, it is a good idea to start getting involved in social media even if you are convinced this is a just a fad.  One of the articles I read mentioned that the usage of social media is no longer just a suggestion but more of a social rule.  No matter how terrified you are of this quickly changing world, my advice is to just dive in, but DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE!


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