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The Secret to Success


My department at work is partaking in a book club.  The book we are tackling right now is The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor.  This is my second time reading it and I am not complaining (this is huge, since I never read books twice)!  Achor is a positive psychologist.  Considering how far back psychology goes this is a brand spanking new area of psychology.  I feel like it is safe to still call the majority of positive psychology as uncharted waters.    He and his fellow psychologists have discovered that the American (along with other cultures) mindset is flawed regarding success.  Many of us have grown up being told that “success in life will make you happy.”  Achor and his colleagues believe that we have it all backwards.

Mr. Achor truly believes that happiness will lead you to success.  Several studies have shown that those who are happy at work are more successful in the workplace.  Some areas that show improvement are: productivity, sales, creativity, efficiency, etc.  The list goes on and on.  Shawn Achor also discusses some simple steps that can get you closer to finding happiness.  He says there are five things that you can change now, make a habit and help increase your happiness advantage.  These five steps that will get you closer to finding your happiness are: finding three things to be grateful for, writing in a journal, exercising, meditating and doing random acts of kindness. The only way these five steps will really benefit you is if you make them a habit and perform them every single day.

Achor does a great job in his TED talk covering the gist of his book.  However, the talk does not do the book justice.  His book is not only helpful in the workplace finding happiness but also in your personal life.  Just by reading the book I already feel like I am one step closer to success with my happiness as my vehicle.

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