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A Beginner’s Mind


I spent a portion of Sunday attending a yoga class.  I understand yoga is a time to find your center and become one with your body.  Clearing your mind and being connected to earth and your body is a large part of it; however, I could not help but linger on a statement by the yoga instructor during this particular class.  “Come to it with a beginner’s mind.  Don’t have an expert mind.  A beginner’s mind offers you the opportunity to come into a situation with a completely open outlook.”  Of course at this point I lost my focus and started to ponder what she meant by this.

The more time I put into my job as a staff recruiter the more I realize I come in with a narrower mindset on how things should be.  I have the attitude of, “well, this is how this particular scenario played out for the last two times…so that must be how this situation will end as well.”  I think an expert mindset is an excellent asset to bring to the table.  All the knowledge received from past experiences is priceless.  Although, due to some of the past experiences I notice myself making assumptions that may not necessarily be true in that particular situation.  “Come to it with a beginner’s mind.”  I think this is such an important lesson.

A beginner’s mind will most likely not be as clouded as an expert mind.   There is more openness and clarity to a fresh mind.  A beginner’s mind sees so many more options and solutions to situations because it doesn’t recognize “limitations” put on that situation.

Not only has this statement helped me stretch a little further in yoga, but I now find myself stretching my mindset a little further in the workplace as well.  Don’t let your ego and expert knowledge cloud your judgement and problem solving skills when you are welcomed with new problems and situations in the workplace.  “Come to it with a beginner’s mind.”

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