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Unplugging from Technology


Steve Baskin, one of the owners of Camp Champions, had the opportunity to do a TED Talk.  Camp Champions is a summer camp located in Marble Falls, Texas.  I am currently employed at this particular camp; however my position is related to the outdoor education program versus the summer camp.

Steve discusses the benefits of not just summer camp, but interpersonal relationships.  He mentions a shocking statistic that the average teenager spends about 53 hours in front of a screen of some sort enveloped in technology.  I learned from this talk that the more time youth (and adults) spend having face to face time with one another the more likely they will be able to stregthen interpersonal characteristics, like empathy for instance.  Places like Camp Champions and The Outdoor School offer youth the chance to remove themselves from technology and focus on their relationships with their peers and develop incredible interpersonal skills.

Technology is phenomenal!  Look how far we have come in the medical field thanks for technology.  We now have the ability to communicate with loved ones across seas in a much quicker affordable manner.  Technology is an amazing thing, but I have now come to the realization that similar to everything else in life…..moderation is key.  Those of you currently sitting in front of the screen reading this blog or about to watch the next episode of Game of Thrones hit the power butter.  Unplug for a little bit of time to create those connections and build your interpersonal qualities.

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